Archive Remix, Volume Two by Doug Mitchell

Composer credits are on the CD sleeve, here.

1. Green Dolphin Street Recorded 9/26/91

Rhythm gtr: LPR; Lead gtr: Strat

2. Satin Doll 7/11/91

Rhythm gtr: LPR; Lead gtr: Strat

3. Take Five 7/15/91

Rhythm gtr: LPR; Lead gtr: Strat; Drum: R-5

4. Points West 7/23/91

Rhythm gtr: LPR; Lead gtr: Strat

5. Blue Midnight 9/2/93

Rhythm gtr: Strat; Lead gtr: Strat; Bass: Rick

6. Gladstone’s Groove 9/18/93

Rhythm gtr: Strat; Melody/Comp: LPR; Solo: Guild

7. Greensleeves 12/30/93

Rhythm gtr: Strat; Lead gtr: Guild

8. Four Spring 1997

Rhythm gtr: LPR; Lead gtr: Ovation

9. HUAC Spring 1997

Rhythm gtr: Strat; Lead gtr: 175

10. Days Of Wine And Roses 7/6/98

Rhythm gtr: 175; Lead gtr: 175

11. Willow Weep For Me 2/6/01

Rhythm gtr: 175; Melody (2): 175; Solo: 175; "Horn Riffs" (2): Ovation


Key to Instruments:

175: 1979 Gibson ES-175D

Strat: 1989 Fender American Standard Stratocaster

LPR: Early '70s Gibson Les Paul Recording

Guild: 1974 Guild S-100

Ovation: 1993 Ovation Collector’s Series

Rick: 1973 Rickenbacker 4001 Stereo Bass

R-5: Roland drum machine (sequenced)


The first seven tunes were originally recorded on four-track analog cassette. This project involved transferring the original four-track masters over to 20-bit digital multitrack and remixing from there down to 2-track hard disk. The last four tunes were originally recorded to 20-bit digital multitrack. Remixed in 2001 at Red Owl Studio.

All arrangements, performances, programming, engineering, sleeve design, etc. by Doug Mitchell.

This music is not for sale. It can be copied freely.


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