The Family Photo Album

This page contains links to a number of online photo albums.
Each album represents a different part of my family tree.

My parents were Dave and Edie Mitchell.
This album covers them and their descendants.


My maternal grandparents were Arthur and Marguerite O'Meara.
(He's "Art Sr." in the photo captions - the first of 4 Arthur O'Mearas.)
The O'Meara Clan album covers them and the
get-togethers of their descendants.


My paternal grandparents were Paul and Ruth Mitchell.
The Mitchell Clan album covers them, their sons, and the
get-togethers of their sons' families.


The parents of my partner, Janine, are Warren and Joan.
This album contains photos of them and their descendants.


And an album for Janine and me.


General notes on the format of the albums:

  • These albums are in Google Photos. You don't need a Google Photos account or even have to be logged in to Google to view them.
  • There are captions ("descriptions" in Google lingo) available for each photo. How you make those captions visible depends on what device you're using - computer, phone, tablet, etc. are all different. But you start by clicking on an individual photo. From there, there is an option somewhere to show more info. (Try the 'i' in a circle, or the three vertical dots, both of which are usually near the upper right hand corner).
  • Dates when photos were taken are shown, if known, in the "more info" box. A date of something close to today means "I don't know". A date with a reasonable year and "January 1" means "I know the year but not the date".
  • When you're looking at one photo rather than the whole album, you can scroll on over to the next one easily - there's either an arrow on the side to click on, or just slide over if you're on a phone or tablet. Sometimes even the right and left arrow keys work too.

A few words on online privacy:

  • For privacy and security, I decided to label everyone by first names only. I figure, if you're looking at the O'Meara Clan album, you know who Art Sr. is, you know who Char is.
  • In a few cases, I use last names, but only for folks who are no longer living.
  • The names of the albums themselves have last names; there are so many people in the "Mitchell Clan" album whose last name is not Mitchell that I think this is reasonably safe.
  • If you find anything you feel is wrong, or a violation of your (or anyone's) privacy, please let me know and I'll fix it, whether it involves removal of a picture, or changing a caption, or anything you wish.

If you have any suggestions, edits, photos you'd like to add, etc., feel free to contact me by email. This project is ongoing, and it's pretty easy for me to add photos and edit what's in there.

Feel free to share these albums with anyone you think might be interested in them.

By the way, there are lots of up-to-date photos of Ray, Janine, Lily, and me over at my main photo web site.

My home page is here.


Thanks for looking this over, and I hope you enjoy it.

Doug Mitchell