These photos were taken on December 18 and 19, 2003, in Habana. Click on an image to see a higher-resolution copy.

The National Museum of Music

Check out this very unusual instrument: built in 1816 in Cuba; it was
apparently originally built as a 12-string guitar. It's
currently set up with tuners and a nut for 6-string use.

The Plaza of the Revolution

The Jose Marti Monument

Che, viewed from the base of the Marti Monument

Views from the top of the Marti Monument

Looking North

Looking West

Looking East. The bird is real, I swear!

Looking Northeast, towards Habana Vieja.
Morro Castle is at the upper left.
El Capitolio is at the upper right.

A military ceremony at the Plaza. As is typical of a communist police state, these
soldiers are clearly both heavily armed and highly suspicious of outsiders like me.

Outside the Paladar Vistamar in Miramar, Habana.

Miscellaneous sights on Dec. 19 in Habana.

Morro Castle

Same shot: What would Ansel do?

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