Doug Mitchell and Tom Kellock
Duets and Trios


This was the first full-length project I recorded on ProTools. It was recorded at Red Owl on March 22, 2005, with DM on a Gibson ES-175 and Tom Kellock on a Yamaha S-80 keyboard. My Funny Valentine has one overdubbed guitar part (hence the "trios" in the album title); all others are duets. Night And Day and Mellowtone are unedited, live, single-take performances; the remainder involved some editing and comping of multiple takes. Arrangements by DM.

Selected MP3s are available here.

Tracks and Composers:

Begin The Beguine (Cole Porter)
Night And Day (Cole Porter)
Blue Bossa (Kenny Dorham)
In A Mellowtone (Duke Ellington)
My Funny Valentine (Rodgers/Hart)


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