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These are some samples of music I've recorded through the years. All of this music is freely copyable. You don't sell it, I don't pay royalties to the composers.

Unless otherwise noted, all performances, arrangements, and programming are by DM.

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Shakedown. Written and recorded by DM, May-June 2020. Stratocaster and Fender Jazz Bass; remainder is programmed.


Shakedown (Mitchell)

Circum Spectra. Written and recorded by DM, May 2020. This consists entirely of programmed virtual instruments - Oud, Santoor, Sitar, Tabla, Dumbek, and Baritone Violin.


Circum Spectra (Mitchell)

Latitude Adjustment. Written and recorded by DM, March-April 2020. Lead guitar on Stratocaster; rhythm guitar on D'Angelico; remainder is programmed.


Latitude Adjustment (Mitchell)

Two Pongs And A Write. Written and recorded by DM, Feb. 2020. 6 guitar parts, one on Stratocaster and the remainder on D'Angelico; Jazz Bass; programmed percussion.


Two Pongs And A Write (Mitchell)

9:10 To Rush River. Written and recorded by DM, January 2020. 4 guitar parts (PRS and D'Angelico), Jazz Bass, programmed drums and Wurlitzer piano. Dedicated to the memory of Neil Peart.


9:10 To Rush River (Mitchell)

Winter Song. Written and recorded by DM, Nov.-Dec. 2019. Guitar duet - D'Angelico semi-hollow body and a Stratocaster.


Winter Song (Mitchell)

The Yellow Tower. Written and recorded by DM, Sep-Oct 2019. Guitars are a D'Angelico semi-hollow body and a Stratocaster; Fender Jazz bass; drums and piano were programmed.


The Yellow Tower (Mitchell)

Riff Raff. Written and recorded by DM, Aug-Sep 2019. Guitars are a D'Angelico semi-hollow body and a PRS; Fender Jazz bass; percussion and piano were programmed.


Riff Raff (Mitchell)

Seven Sketches. Written and recorded by DM, July-Aug 2019. Guitar is a D'Angelico semi-hollow body; drums and piano were programmed


Seven Sketches (Mitchell)

Stick a Fork In It. Written and recorded by DM, April-May 2019. Intro guitars are Stratocaster and PRS SE Custom 24; Rhythm guitar is a D'Angelico semi-hollow body; Melody and solos in 2nd half of tune are PRS; Fender Jazz Bass. Drums and piano were programmed.


Stick a Fork In It (Mitchell)

Snow Crash. Written and recorded by DM, February-April 2019. D'Angelico semi-hollow body; Fender Jazz Bass. Drums, Hammond organ, and piano were programmed.


Snow Crash (Mitchell)

Tunnel Vision. Written and recorded by DM, January-February 2019. D'Angelico semi-hollow body; PRS SE Custom 24; Stratocaster. All other instruments programmed.


Tunnel Vision (Mitchell)

Glass Boat. Written and recorded by DM, December 2018. This consists entirely of programmed percussion.


Glass Boat (Mitchell)

Tweedy. Written and recorded by DM, October-November 2018. Stratocaster, other instruments programmed.


Tweedy (Mitchell)

Commencement. Written and recorded by DM, August 2018. D'Angelico EX-SS and programmed vibraphone.


Commencement (Mitchell)

Way Off Bass. Written and recorded by DM, July-August 2018. Guitars are all Stratocaster except for the solo at the end, which is a Guild S-100. All other instruments are programmed.


Way Off Bass (Mitchell)

Birds of Prey. Written and recorded by DM June 2018. Three guitars: opening rhythm is ES-175; Stratocaster for the solo; rhythm on coda is D'Angelico EX-SS. Fender Jazz bass; drums and keyboards are programmed.


Birds of Prey (Mitchell)

Shenandoah, traditional Americana tune. Unedited solo guitar performance on a D'Angelico electric. Recorded June 3 2018.



Besame Mucho, written by Consuelo Velázquez. Guitar duet, recorded April 2018. D'Angelico electric, Ovation acoustic.


Besame Mucho (Velázquez)

Twilight Room. Written and recorded by DM February-March 2018. D'Angelico electric guitar; programmed acoustic piano and drums.


Twilight Room (Mitchell)

Solitude, written by Duke Ellington. Duet for electric guitar, recorded January 2018. Rhythm guitar on left channel is Gibson ES-175. Lead guitar on right channel is D'Angelico.


Solitude (Ellington)

Beats Me. Written and recorded by DM in December 2017. Percussion and electric piano (both programmed), plus electric bass.


Beats Me (Mitchell)

Points West: I wrote this back in the 80s; I've played and recorded many versions, but this is a new arrangement using a (programmed) Clavinet. Guitar is a D'Angelico; Fender Jazz Bass; programmed drums. Recorded November 2017.


Points West (Mitchell)

The Eleventh Fridge: Written, performed (bass, guitar) and programmed (vibes, percussion) by DM. Recorded October 2017. Guitars are D'Angelico, with a Stratocaster on the last solo; bass is Fender Jazz.


The Eleventh Fridge (Mitchell)

Caravan: Written by Juan Tizol and Duke Ellington. Two guitars (both are a D'Angelico electric) and programmed percussion. Recorded August 2017.


Caravan (Tizol/Ellington)

Number 6: Written, performed (bass, guitar), and programmed (drums, pianos) by DM. Recorded July 2017. Guitar is D'Angelico, bass is Fender Jazz Bass.


Number 6 (Mitchell)

An arrangement of Howard Shore's score to "The Departed". Performed (guitars and bass) and programmed (drums, piano) by DM. Recorded Feb. 2017. First guitar is a 1993 Ovation; second acoustic guitar is Lily Harrison's 3/4 size Taylor; electric is an ES-175D. Bass is a Fender Jazz Bass.

This version was remixed in September 2018.


The Departed (H. Shore)

The Take: Written, performed (bass, guitar), and programmed (drums, pianos) by DM. Recorded May-June 2016. All guitars are a Strat except for the rhythm guitar at the end which is a D'Angelico. Bass is a Fender Jazz Bass.


The Take (Mitchell, 9.6 MB)

The coda to Layla, a duet for electric guitar guitar and piano. Guitar is a D'Angelico EX-SS; piano is programmed. Recorded Dec. 2014 - Feb. 2015.


Layla [Coda] (Gordon, 10.6 MB)

Ensnared: Written, performed (bass, guitar), and programmed (drums, pianos) by DM. Recorded Oct-Nov. 2014.


Ensnared (Mitchell, 7.7 MB)

My solo guitar arrangement of Summertime. Played on a D'Angelico EX-SS electric. Recorded Nov. 25 2013.


Summertime (Gershwin, 9.9 MB)

What Else? Written, performed (bass, guitars), and programmed (drums, synth) by DM. Recorded July-Aug. 2013.


What Else? (Mitchell, 7.9 MB)

Mighty Trucks of Midnight. Written by Bruce Cockburn. Duet : acoustic guitar (Ovation) and Fender bass. Recorded May 2012. Remixed on June 9, after I figured out how to properly mix a Fender.


Mighty Trucks of Midnight (Cockburn, 11.8 MB)

Nature Boy. Written by Eden Ahbez, 1947. There are three guitar parts, two of which are playing at any given time, plus sampled congas. Recorded November 2011.


Nature Boy (Ahbez, 9.8 MB)

Tico Tico, written by Zequinha de Abreu in 1917. Duet, both parts (plus a little harmony at the end) played on a 1993 Ovation. Recorded Feb. 22, 2011.


Tico Tico (de Abreu, 8.4 MB)

Recently unearthed recordings from 1990. The band was Pieces of Magic; it was just two guys and a computer. David Tristram played keyboards and the Mac; I played guitar and bass (Les Paul Recording, Rickenbacker 4001). Recorded live, direct to 2-track, on Feb. 9 1990 at DeAngelo's in Mountain View, CA. All tunes composed by David and me.


I Want Something Big (18.6 MB)


Enthooz (9.4 MB)


Ono Sendai (10.8 MB)

Yet another version of "Begin The Beguine." My arrangement of the standard tune; I play all the guitars (Gibson ES-175 and a 1993 Ovation). Recorded June 2009.


Begin The Beguine (Cole Porter, 6.9 MB)

Props to The Frank And Joe Show, a.k.a. Frank Vignola and Joe Ascione, for inspiring this arrangement. This isn't the same as theirs, but hearing their version definitely motivated me to come up with this one.

An ensemble piece, finished on February 27, 2009.


White Folks Clapping On One and Three (Mitchell, 9.4 MB)

A duet, each part played on an ES-175. Recorded December 27, 2006 at Red Owl.


The Spinach Tango (Mitchell, 4.7 MB)

Recorded March 22, 2005 with Tom Kellock on keyboard (a Yamaha S-80) and me on guitar (Gibson ES-175). Recorded at Red Owl using Pro Tools. More info can be found here.



Begin The Beguine (Porter, 7.8 MB)


Night and Day (Porter, 11.3 MB)


Blue Bossa (Dorham, 6 MB)


In A Mellow Tone (Ellington, 6.4 MB)

A tune I recorded with my new ProTools setup, December 2004. I wrote the tune back in the early '90s but never got around to recording it until 12/2004. Guitars are all ES-175; bass is a Rickenbacker 4001; drums are synthesized.


Labor Day (Mitchell, 5.1 MB)

A couple of guitar duets I recorded in May 2004. All parts were played on an ES-175.


Just Friends (Klenner/Lewis, 5.8 MB)


What Is This Thing Called Love (Porter, 3.5 MB)

These are from the Archive Remix project.



HUAC (Mitchell, 4.5 MB)


Willow Weep For Me (Ronell, 6.6 MB)


Cut Slowly (Mitchell, 8.4 MB)


Cape Fear (Mitchell, 8.9 MB)

Some tunes I recorded with Lita Khatibi in August 1997. Lita sings, I play ES-175. Recorded direct to 2-track digital. "It Don't Mean A Thing" was recorded live at Clise Mansion in Redmond, Washington; the others were recorded at my house.


It Ain't Necessarily So (Gershwin, 6.9 MB)


It Don't Mean a Thing (Ellington, 3.5 MB)


Sugar Doll (Khatibi, 5.3 MB)

All of this music is a Red Owl Production



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