This is the music I recorded in the 14 months after I retired from my day gig. All arrangements, performances, programming, and recording by DM. All tunes were recorded at Red Owl Studio using Pro Tools.

MP3s are available here; high-resolution files available here. Original tunes, plus "Shenandoah", are available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. All songs written by DM unless specified otherwise.

See below for key to instruments. All instruments not listed here are programmed.

1. Number 6
July 2017. EX-SS, Jazz Bass. This was the first thing I wrote after I retired.

2. Way Off Bass
July-August 2018. Guitars are all Strat, except for the solo at the end which is a Guild.

3. The Eleventh Fridge
October 2017. EX-SS; Strat on the solo at the end; Fender Jazz.

4. Birds of Prey
June 2018. ES-175 on opening rhythm; Strat on the solo; EX-SS on the coda; Jazz Bass.

5. Beats Me
December 2017. Jazz Bass; no guitar.

6. Twilight Room
February-March 2018. EX-SS.

7. Points West
November 2017. EX-SS, Jazz Bass.

8. The Take
May-June 2017. Strat, EX-SS at the end, Jazz Bass
The first part of the guitar solo is lifted verbatim from Louis Armstrong's trumpet solo in his incredible 1928 version of St. James Infirmary.

9. Commencement
August 2018. EX-SS.

10. Shenandoah (Traditional)
June 2018. Unedited solo guitar performance on EX-SS.

11. Caravan (written by Juan Tizol, Duke Ellington)
August 2017, remixed September 2018. Both guitars are EX-SS.

12. The Departed (Howard Shore)
February 2017, remixed September 2018. First guitar is Ovation; second acoustic guitar is Taylor; electric is ES-175; Jazz Bass.

13. Solitude (Ellington)
January 2018. Rhythm guitar on left channel is ES-175. Lead guitar on right channel is EX-SS.


Key to instruments:


1979 Gibson ES-175D


2013 D’Angelico EX-SS Semi-hollowbody electric


1989 American Standard Stratocaster


1993 Ovation Collector’s Series Acoustic


1974 Guild S-100


Taylor 3/4 size acoustic

Jazz Bass

2011 Fender Jazz Bass


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