This is a collection of tunes I recorded between 2004 and 2015. All arrangements, performances, programming, and recording by DM. All tunes were recorded at Red Owl Studio using Pro Tools.

MP3s are available here; high-resolution files available here. Original tunes are available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. See below for key to instruments.

1. Labor Day (Written by DM)
Dec. 2004. ES-175, Rick, ST Drums.
This was the first thing I recorded with Pro Tools.

2. Begin The Beguine (C. Porter)
June 2009. ES-175, Ovation.

3. The Spinach Tango (DM)
Dec. 2006. Duet, both parts are ES-175s.

4. Nature Boy (E. Ahbez)
Nov. 2011. ES-175, Ovation, V-Drums.

5. Ensnared (DM)
Nov. 2014. AK Piano, AD Drums, Strat, Jazz Bass.

6. Tico Tico (Z. de Abreu)
Feb. 2011. Duet, both parts are Ovations.

7. What Else? (DM)
Aug. 2013. ES-175, Strat, Guild, Jazz Bass, V-Drums, DX7.

8. Summertime (G. Gershwin)
Nov. 2013. Solo, EX-SS.
The first thing I recorded with this guitar. I’d guess this is at least the fourth version of this tune I’ve recorded.

9. White Folks Clapping On One and Three (DM)
Feb. 2009. Strat, ES-175, Ovation, Rick, V-Drums.

10. Mighty Trucks Of Midnight (B. Cockburn)
May 2012. Ovation, Jazz Bass.

11. Layla (Coda) (J. Gordon)
Feb. 2015. EX-SS, AK Piano.


Key to instruments:


1979 Gibson ES-175D


2013 D’Angelico EX-SS Semi-hollowbody electric


1989 American Standard Stratocaster


1993 Ovation Collector’s Series Acoustic


1974 Guild S-100


1973 Rickenbacker 4001 Stereo Bass

Jazz Bass

2011 Fender Jazz Bass


Roland V-Drums

AD Drums

Addictive Drums sampled drums

ST Drums

Sample Tank sampled drums

AK Piano

Addictive Keys sampled piano


Yamaha DX7 synth


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